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EVA rubber gasket
Double sided adhesive pad
Silicone rubber gasket
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Gasket pads
      Dongguan City Cowan Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the town bridge convenient transportation place. It is a professional precision electronic switches, sockets development, production, sales of large manufacturers.
      Company products include: DC power outlet; headphone jack; Stubbs switch; touch switch; micro switch; detection switch; straight key switch; button switch; reset switch; USB socket. Our products are widely used in electronic communications, digital, home appliances, electronic toys, security systems, instrumentation, and other electronic devices. In order to meet the needs of overseas markets in 2009, all products have been in line with the EU WEEE / ROHS green environmental directives.
      In order to meet customer and market requirements, our implementation of the corresponding "RoHs" improvements related products, raw materials procurement, production, shipments strictly controlled to ensure that products meet appropriate environmental standards.
      So far, most of our products have been China's CCC, CQC; American UL; German VDE, TUV; EC CE, CB; Sweden SEMKO; Norway NEMKO; Denmark DEMKO; Finland FIMKO; Korea KS, EK and other countries and international standards. We will be professional design, stable quality, reasonable price, fast delivery and sincere service each customer, you can rely on partners.